Recent discoveries in the skin with Vitiligo

Loss of the melanin in the melanocytes is the essential factor which influences the symptoms of vitiligo.
A patented plant complex with anti-oxidising properties has been found to be capable of restoring normal levels of melanin in vitiliginous melanocytes.

De facto, ViTiX® is a dermo-cosmetic product containing a plant extract with considerable anti-oxidising properties. It comes in the form of microspheres, such that its stability may be guaranteed.

The formula of ViTiX® makes for excellent cutaneous tolerance. It is not greasy, is easy to apply and penetrates fast.

Studies carried out on ViTiX® demonstrate that regularly applying it (twice a day in combination with phototherapy or heliotherapy) may prevent the loss of pigmentation from progressing, stop it developing and, in many cases, enable satisfactory repigmentation to be achieved.